Minetoys is a customization tool, free of charge, that enables the user to upload their own online avatar as a 3D digital file which will be made available on Shapeway's online store for 3D printing.

Shapeway's online store displays the visual representation of the final 3D printed physical object you will receive in your mailbox, accurately scaled and priced. Some details, such as decals and/or pricing information are subject to change on Refer to Shapeway's Online Store as the main reference for accurate pricing and shipping information for your order.

Using the Minetoys online avatar uploading service does not require users to pay a fee or purchase any items. The customization engine from Minetoys is free of charge, but buying from Shapeways is the paying service.

Ordering a toy on Shapeways implies that the users accept Shapeways terms and conditions.


Minetoys's customization services are almost immediate, but Shapeways will require 5 - 7 working days for printing and shipping worldwide.

For more precise information regarding the shipping delays or other concerns, please refer to Shapeways FAQ regarding their shipping policies.


All customer inquiries regarding returns should be directed to Shapeways.

More information on Shapeways return policies are available in their terms and conditions. You can also contact Shapeways directly at their contact page.

Offensive & Protected Content

By using our services, users thereby agree to use non-offensive Minecraft© avatar skins and attest that the uploaded avatar skin is an original creation by the user, and not a replication of a design that is protected by copyright laws.

If for any reason a model hadn't the right to be uploaded by a user through the use of Minetoy's automated services, please use our contact information and join the link to the regarding problematic toy to be put offline and removed. Minetoy's services will take prompt actions to take offline the regarded toy, but can'T be held responsible for any delay.

By using Minetoys's services, users must acknowledge and accept Shapeways terms and conditions regarding their content policy. Click here for more information on Shapeways terms and conditions.

Neither Minetoys or Shapeways will be held responsible or liable to any third party, for any discrepancies related to user uploads and customizations. However, we take any discrepancies about the content displayed on our site seriously and will do our best to resolve any complaints quickly and professionally.