Frequently asked questions

Is Minetoys an official Mojang reseller and stuff ?

Not at all. We explicitly claim that we are not related to Mojang as stipulated on their conditions. We only use the skins that the players provide, and we don't sell anything that is already sold by an official reseller protected by copyright laws. For example, we don't advertise items labeled Steve, enderman, wolves, etc. as the rights to these names are owned by Mojang.

If i buy toyz from Jazwarez, will they have the same size as my minetoy ?

Absolutely ! With this new site comes new models, and we made our best to match the proportions of the official toys you can find in retails !

What are these made of ?

Minetoys are made of a special powder resin, interestingly called "sandstone". The solid powder is solidified layer by layer while color is added to the exterior of the item until the complete toy emerges from the dust. Finally, a special varnish coating is applied by hand to protect the toy and make the colors more vivid.

Are the toys durable ?

The final product is made of a hard but breakable material that works great for figurines and visual models, but isn't well suited for a daily handling. The toys will be perfect for display purposes (We can brilliantly print with over 6 million possible colors!), and may sometimes break on impact when hitting a hard floor from a desk or if thrown (please do not throw your beautiful figurine).

Do you ship to my country ?

Sure! We ship worldwide (almost)! Normal shipping fees will apply.

I want to add a cape, sword, or other custom item to my toy! Can you do that?

Lucky you, we do now provide a custom 3D printed toy protected under a wonderful glass dome, that can be customized! Special capes, hats, weapons and accessories can be selected during the purchase phase (only the special glass dome toy does have this feature at the moment). It isn't possible yet to allow you to upload your own cape skin, nor handle the weapons and items that you want, but we do add regularly new items and doodads to the pool of choosable items!

My model has a beautiful haircut with armor and a beard. Will it be printable in 3D too?

Mojang has changed the way its skins are customized and they now propose a second layer to any part of a character. We "flatten" everything automatically on the toy before printing. Any beard or hat layer will be on a single plane. Be sure to check out our customization options as you may find some extra options that may look like what you are looking for!

I want a creeper, a pig, a wolf, a chest !

Minetoys do not own rights to Mojang's official Minecraft designs. For this reason we cannot print any of these models with the official designs. However ,we have provided links to several custom-themed designs on our homepage so you can find the ones you are looking for, and that will scale accordingly with our toys!

Are the toys food safe ?

Unfortunately, 3D printed objects which contain color are not considered as "food safe" by Shapeways. It is not advisable to allow the 3D printed item to be exposed to extreme temperatures or come into contact with food. However, as it is very popular (and beautiful, we think) to use Minetoys as decorations on birthday or wedding cakes –for example– it is necessary to display the toy with caution.

Are the toys water/fire proof ?

Short answer: Please don't try to set your Minetoy on fire. Water can be spilled on the toys but prolonged exposure to moisture may tarnish the colors. Hot water may remove the varnish on your Minetoy, which would damage the sandstone. The toys can endure 60°C (140°F) before it's physical properties change. So, do not put the toy in a dishwasher, and try to use a way to clean the toy without removing the varnish! If needed, clean your Minetoy with soap and water, then dry.

Can I receive a discount if I order a large amount of Minetoys?

We are open to hearing about your project, please use the contact form and we'll see if we can do something for you :)